April 03


Amongst our many other achievements, over the years CCAS has refined the art of AGMs (this was even once mentioned in the Canberra Times). No longer is the AGM an excruciating constitutional formality but rather an occasion to savour.

No one, however, has described the spirit of the CCAS AGM so accurately as Shags. And thus we refer you to her very special, slightly updated agenda.

“Pizza Pizza Pizza and beer! On Tuesday April 16 at 6-7pm A+GAC Gallery, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon

Better than a theatre restaurant. More fun than fundies! The CCAS AGM is entertaining and popular (just like you).

  • What’s going down:
  • A short report from the Chair (nothing to do with mini pants)
  • The Treasurer’s Report (hard to generate excitement around this one)
  • Devo Davo’s widely acclaimed slideshow of the year that was (created by Sophia)
  • Intros to the Board (no new nominations have been received)
  • Pizza into your face
  • And that’s it!” said Shags.

And we say, Be there or be square !