May 03


Gus McGrath, Tom Campbell and Bryan Foong

It’s all happening at CCAS Manuka again as a new show goes up by the enigmatic Tom Campbell. An exhibition consisting of three hand sewn fabric doors with titles “failure“, “emotion” and “subjectivity“, that provide entry to the mysterious zone of The Map Shop. Question is, what and where is this map shop. The map shop is a state of mind, an existential conundrum into which the audience crosses, like into another dimension. Once arrived there are creative activities on the other side, like new works to view, metaphorical walks to take, visitors book, “merchandise” and a video game to play “Legend of Zelda, Breath of Wild“. It all began as a site-specific project in the Bendora Arboretum, where Tom became interested in understanding how place or nature is constructed and (in this exhibition) he draws connections between fraught ideas of ‘wilderness’ and areas where we might experience a constructed sense of nature.  In a world where nature and its simulacra become ever more common, Tom provides a physical space to reflect upon the fragile nature of defining contemporary environments. Check it out Friday to Sunday 11-5 pm until 12 May at CCAS Manuka.