May 23



Aeode served G&T’s at the opening of here exhibition Reflections at CCAS Manuka last Thursday and that is very impressive. BUT more importantly, so is her work which animates the gallery with a vibrant and soulful focus. Aeode demonstrates some pretty amazing skills and a vivid imagination with a series of works that are essentially self reflective, or as she puts it “an intuitive translation of personal experience”. Exploring feeling, perception, and individual dynamics within relationships she puts it all on paper with an incredible discipline, and brilliant (sometimes flamboyant) use of pattern and colour to generate a unique mood for each piece. The works offer her audience an insight into the intimate thoughts and desires of the artist as well as her trials and tribulations. It will be a big weekend for Reflections so make sure you get to CCAS Manuka before Sunday 26 May 5pm.

Aeode and friends