June 04


Millan Pintos-Lopez

paradise almost killed me, Millan Pintos-Lopez’s new exhibition of black and white paintings on ply opened last Thursday night to an enthusiastic throng at CCAS Manuka. A master of titles and aficionado of Bauhaus he brings poetry, abstraction, design together in works of art that either defy definition or encompass all definitions. The ubiquitous hard edge of his previous works has started to dissolve in this exhibition which perhaps marks a new point of departure. There’s also some spiritual references, for example, in the  three pieces at the gallery’s end (and pictured below) which represents father, son and holy ghost and work titled after Eva Peron, first lady and spiritual leader of Argentina 1946-51 . Paradise Almost Killed Me has a DIY, just made, kind of look about it and yet the works also encapsulates the classic Pintos-Lopez contradictory style, deceptively simple, modest materials for potential masterpieces and colourful monochromatic flair. And if you can’t make sense of all that I guess you will just have to see for yourself. At CCAS Manuka until Sunday June 9 open Friday to Sunday, 11am–5pm.

Nick, Surya and Millan(Trinity)

Dan and Sophia

Alexander, Ben and Peter

Walrus, Dave and Tony

Phoenix, Riley and Jupiter

Emma, Dioni and Joel

Alison and Amanda

Katy, Ingeborg and Clare

Surya and Josh

Emma and Robert