July 12


Claire and Becky Gibson

Geomancy is an exhibition of “landscapes” but it’s not what you might expect. While it can be said that landscape is one of Becky Gibson’s interests her focus is on change, invisible made visible,  and what happens within the scape itself. Becky’s Geomancy brings together seemingly disparate phenomena that together generate a sense of drama on building sites. It is a particularly relevant exhibition for the time since Canberra is pretty much one big building site right now – so we all feel quite at home with the content. Most interesting, however, is that the paintings present a kind of random clash between nature and manufactured objects such as bricks and fences. The flotsam and jetsam of nature and the built environment.  Roses look somewhat out of place on a building site and yet they dominate the canvas in ways that convince us of their belonging. Becky calls it “strangeness and unexpected drama” as the impact of humans on the landscape asserts itself to the point where nature reclaiming its territory maintains traces of its manicured past. Becky’s painting  skills are second to none and this is going to be a very popular show based on technique alone – but make sure you spend quality time with Geomancy … the more you give the more you will receive. And what a fantastic opening with Becky’s fabulous sister Jay on the bar and some of the best red wine in ages, a smooth shiraz from Saltram’s winery in the Barossa https://www.saltramwines.com.au/our-wines/1859. The wine complemented the paintings perfectly or was it the other way around? Geomancy CCAS Manuka until 21 July. Friday to Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM.

Peter and Jay

Becky and Joel

Claire, Becky and Jo

Alex and db (the South Islanders)


Early birds Dan and Alexander

James, Mikaela and Scott (Becky’s flatmates)

Ruth and Tony

Clare, Erica and Alex Becky’s work Weeds (2019) in the background

John and Annika

Riley and Jo