July 31


Emanuela and James Rowell

The master of titles, painter James Rowell has turned his attentions to science in an exhibition that reveals his colourful impressions in comprehensive detail. “In 1987 James Rowell graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the VCA, but got sick of being told that the piece of paper represented only a bachelor of apathy. He responded by beginning a series of works about science, which have only been brought to completion in the last couple of years.” Noted for his brilliant use of colour James also uses a kind of pointillist technique that he has turned into his own characteristic style. It’s a method he has been developing for years and like a good wine it gets better with age. Titles like Frog being electrocuted in electrical circuit, Beaker, Fiery asteroids in the galaxy and Bauxite and Aluminium serrate mark a move away from the curious focus on philosophy and sexuality of his pervious exhibitions like PSYCHEDELIA&SEXUALITY with Ralph. (Locked and unlocked sexuality in the garden, Milk unlocked from mamary glands and Sexual interpretaions of Numbers 20:8) Sasha Grishin wrote a great review for the Canberra Times which you can read below but make sure you also see Sciency Pictures at CCAS Manuka until Sunday 4 August open Friday – Sunday 11-5 pm 19 Furneaux St, Manuka ACT. Remember to stand back and you WILL be rewarded.


James Rowell, Frog being electrocuted in electrical circuit, acrylic on canvas (2019)

Emanuela and James

James Rowel, Fiery asteroids in the galaxy, acrylic on canvas (2019)