September 06


Hilary Wardhaugh

Just after 6pm last night CCAS Manuka was not only filled with framed photographs but also people – packed it was for the opening of Hilary Wardhaugh’s exhibition Memories are made of this. There was even a bit of celebrity action as Keith Potger of the legendary Aussie band The Seekers opened the show. Hilary had the gallery done out like a cosy salon, with a salon hang of colour portraits of couples living with dementia and  black and white pictures of a choir for people with dementia, their partners and volunteers. Hilary had been attending choir sessions with her father before he died and noticed that it was difficult to tell who of the choristers was afflicted. This observation inspired her to produce a monumental body of work that focuses on tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness. Said Hilary, ” I want to illustrate that even though someone has dementia they are still the same person. They are still someone’s dad, someone’s wife, someone’s brother, someone’s grandma.” As one surveys the images its a point well made and Hilary provides no clues  –  that she insists is how it should be. Dementia is a difficult subject for increasing numbers of people, however, Hilary’s positive angle is like a beacon of hope.   Memories are made of this is an exhibition with significant implications for the health and well being of hundreds of thousands of Australian families (and millions throughout the world).  100% of the proceeds from sales go to dementia research through Dementia Australia. At CCAS Manuka until 15 November Friday – Sunday 11 am -5 pm Exhibition sponsored by Ilford.

Keith (of the Seekers) and Alice

Darren, Helen and Will

Gail and Geetha

Brenton and Hilary

Food by Erindale College Year Eleven and Twelve Hospitality

Crowd scene