September 27


Tania Vrancic

Free spirit Tania Vrancic is currently showing her latest endeavour, Freedom, at CCAS Manuka. Tania says that she has been exploring the idea of freedom in her work for a while and this means getting into a zone where inhibitions, preconceived ideas and and expectations have been shown the door. Music has been a big influence and the channel through which she is able to eschew logic and create intuitively. Tania’s abstract landscape paintings and ceramics speak to each other in a voice that echoes the ways media informs ideas and vice versa. Concerned that we take freedom for granted in our culture Tania has also researched forms of incarceration and oppression, this the work currently installed in CCAS Manuka poses two questions “What does freedom mean to you?” and “When do you personally feel most free?”.

So free up some time and head on over to CCAS Manuka this weekend. Ends Sunday 29th. You won’t be disappointed.

Marilyn and Arthur

Tania (right) takes Neil and Amanda on a tour.