October 11


Done up like dogs dinners and lips pursed, we set out for the opening of Women in Vogue: Celebrating Sixty Years in Australia at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia last night. Arriving on the NPG concourse we discover that everyone is dressed to the nines and posing on a red carpet before a wall of Vogue Australia covers. An awkward moment of fantasy to which even the most cynical would eventually succumb. Sequins ruled in the NPG foyer where the lovely GRACCE sang accompanied by an impeccably dressed bloke. His instrument, a crystal grand piano almost as photogenic as the pianist himself. In what was quite a treat for the proletariat, a bevy of flirtatious waiters – at least one with a French accent – served Moet&Chandon champers in large gold goblets  that were, we believe, glass. Julie Bishop (who needs no introduction) opened the exhibition and delivered quite a good speech in which she recalled a time in country South Australia when her mum used a Vogue pattern to make a gown for a local ball. Can’t remember all details but the words pink and layers of tulle don’t leave too much to be imagined. Add 1959, when people made their own frocks, and a stunning stylish picture emerges.  After the speeches the exhibition doors opened and audiences were treated to a sea of the unblemished faces that have graced the covers and pages of Vogue Australia for 6 decades. There were also more opportunities to photograph and be photographed, to immerse one’s self in the concept of image, to bask in the reflected beauty and glamour of Aussie women past. Too much fun was had by all.

Women in Vogue: Celebrating Sixty Years in Australia

National Portrait Gallery until 24 November.

Dan and db

Nick and Yumi

Michael, Isaac and Aaron

Ryan, Alison and Anni

Tara, Louise, Naomi and Liz

Adelaide and Chelsea

GRAACE and her accompanist on the crystal grand

Shags and db photo by Mark Mohell against the selfie wall