October 31


Its a day that we all look forward to, especially if its hot, and it will be. It is this Saturday 2 November and its the  AIDS Action Council Canberra Fair Day which will be held in the fragrant grounds of Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centre, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon.

Fair Day is Canberra’s boldest showcase of LGBTIQ+ culture

Its the 20th anniversary – and who doesn’t love anniversaries?

In addition to performances, stalls and experiences the event is known for, you will find some great new features to make this year’s Fair Day extra special. This year’s theme is Connect, Create and Celebrate. You are invited to Connect (with friends, bright ideas and new experiences), to Create (memories, happiness and art) and Celebrate (the wonderful, brave and loveable aspects of Canberra’s unique LGBTIQ+ culture).


Artists in the (CCAS) house from 12 Midday

CCAS will be open on Saturday 2 November and you can come on in and meet our current artists. Firstly we have the delightfully flamboyant   Orthof, our artist in residence from Brazil. Brasilia to be precise, where he is currently Professor in the Graduate and Undergraduate programs, Visual Arts Program at the Institute of Arts, University of Brasilia. Gê has turned the MAINspace into his vast studio where he is working on a spectacular installation mata! mata! The word mata in Portuguese has a double meaning, referring both to the forest and to kill. Gê uses ‘mata’ in reference to the recent devastating fires in the Amazon Basin and the killing of Indigenous forest people. The metaphor is extended throughout the show to include oppressed or at risk people, with an emphasis on racial minorities and LGBTQI+ people, both of whom Gê has strong connections with.

Gê  Orthof

Also in house on Saturday you will find the fabulous Naomi Zouwer.  There is nothing Naomi can’t do and no medium that can challenge her. From gorgeous striped paintings, to doilies, dolls and lace, Objects of Empathy explores connections and disconnection to people, place and time, through her focus on small, trivial, everyday objects that are a part of daily life. They are a mixture the useful and useless; precious in terms of memories, keepsakes, souvenirs, some whole and others mere fragments. But all are fascinating.

In both exhibition you will find a wealth of material that will amaze you, kitschy bits and pieces as well as iconographic objets d’art that will cause you to double take. But hey you gotta be here !

Naomi Zouwer

CBR Fair Day is proudly presented by the AIDS Action Council with support from the ACT Government (principal partner), Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres (venue partner) and Canberra SpringOut Pride Festival (festival partner).