November 15



Belle Palmer

Belle Palmer had strong support from family and friends for the opening of [ INSERT TITLE HERE ] at CCAS Manuka last night. This exhibition includes a number of the drawing experiments that Belle is well known for an a couple of her famously inventive drawing machines which we have videos of. Belle’s not into static art forms – like paintings and drawings on walls – she tends to prefer a bit (if not a lot) of audience participation. In this there is no shortage of takers as her works are fun and participation is far from intimidating – even if you do have other audience and friends mocking while you are involved in creating a masterpiece. Belle’s installations are “interactive sculptures that use mark making as a tool to capture a trace of the participants interaction through their own action of drawing or painting.” There are some “static” in this exhibition but they are the results of previous machines, the traces of which she speaks. So all photos taken last night include details from the “results from Symbiosis 2 captured by an interactive drawing machine over the course of two exhibitions (2018/2019).

[Insert Title Here] (2019), custom made canvas, bamboo, sand, calico, marker, rope, plastimake, 1500x1500x2000

Angelo (Belle’s bro) and Bronte

Mielle and Rosie (Belle’s sister)

Borka (Belle’s bro)

Oliver (Belle’s bro)




Use with extreme Caution(2019) Steel, rock, chain, bicycle forks, modified wheel hub, bamboo, rope, plastimake, marker, pdf, dimensions variable.