March 06




Artists and curator: Cathy Zhang, Sophia Halloway and Alberto Gabellone

The first cab of the rank at CCAS Manuka each year is an exhibition curated by our intern from Art History and Curatorship ANU School of Art and Design. This year we are proud to open with the fabulous Sophia Halloway who has explored concepts of negative space through the work of Cathy Zhang and Alberto Gabellone. “Negative space”, says Sophia, “refers to the space around an object (ie the gallery space), or the space within that emphasises form. …These spaces are at once absence and presence, on the cusp of being and nothingness.”  Negative Space is an exhibition that moves away from notions of 2 and 3D, bringing drawing and sculpture into “space” that essentially defines the work by rejecting definition. Alberto’s works use scale, line tone and colour to create non specific spaces where abstraction morphs into sculptural form. Cathy’s introspective ceramic forms examine human relationships with the world. Her spectacular metal “plinths” launch these quiet works into the gallery spaces we occupy commanding attention and contemplation through their contradictory invisibility. It was a gloomy night  and wet under foot but the rain brought an up beat humid atmosphere to the exhibition and that made for a great opening. Good wine, delicious food and nice people generate a positive space among the voids of Negative Space.

At CCAS Manuka Friday – Sunday 11am – 5pm until 16 March.

Interns 2019 and 2020 – Art History and Curatorship ANU SOA&D Sophia and Harriett Mackay

Nadia, Antero, Valentino and Alberto

Ayrton and Sophia

Chris, Alex and Andre

Isabelle and William

Shalini, Sophia and Kan

Seb and Fleur

Mary, Elise and Romany

Claire, Mimi and Sophie