September 09


Rachael Theodorakis, Belle Palmer, Harijs Piekalns and Romany Fairall (Photo by Dan Toua)

Welcome back to the all new, socially distanced pages! After five months hibernation CCAS is back on track and settled into its fabulous new space at a 44 Queen Elizabeth Terrace, Parkes. As pretty much everyone knows getting here has been quite a saga but CCAS has re-emerged anew and what better way to begin the long process of leaving the pandemic behind. Open for two weeks now, these photos are from our first opening/preview of Blaze Fourteen CCAS’s annual emerging artists survey, an exhibition that was scheduled for February. Importantly, the pristine new gallery raises the bar significantly and thus it is fitting that the fourteenth Blaze focuses on obsessive technical experimentation and resolution par excellence. All four new artists have burst onto Canberra’s scene demonstrating impressive levels of  professionalism. Time traveller Harijs Piekalns has produced a series of exquisite modernist paintings investigating and  recasting a variety of ancient and medieval methods to claim them as his own. Rachael Theodorakis presents an innovative contemporary “museum” display of obsessively woven idiosyncratic found objects in black cotton thread sitting on perspex plates that float in the luminescence of the front gallery. Literally a show stopper. The same could be said for Romany Fairall’s colourful glittering weaves and bas-reliefs that reflect the natural light and dazzle audiences with their intricate patterning. And Belle Palmer includes a hanging installation of her off the wall means of producing abstract drawings within a spectacular exhibition of imposing “scribbles” that appear to be at once both random and yet totally controlled by the artist.

In spite of all the current COVID-19 restrictions all seventy people managed to have a great evening and keep that all important tasteful distance while seated with their elegantly canned Pimms, G&Ts and beers.

Artists: Rachael Theodorakis, Belle Palmer, Harijs Piekalns and Romany Fairall. Curators: Dan Toua and  Alexander Boynes.

At CCAS until October 31 Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm

Thanks to the National Capital Authority for generously supporting Blaze Fourteen.

Rachael Theodorakis

Belle Palmer

Harijs Piekalns

Mimi and Romany Fairall

Curators: Alexander Boynes and Dan Toua. (Photo by Saskia Haalebos. Work by Belle Palmer)

Tasmin, Kirstie and Saskia

Shirsten and Isaac

Speeches (Photo Harijs Piekalns)

Peter (work by Romany Fairall)


Amanda, Mandy and Neil

Tina and Patrick

Sophia and Phoebe

Stragglers (Photo Harijs Piekalns)