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October 11


Here’s some excerpts from my speech at SASA Gallery Uni SA last Thursday night. I have been writing an essay for a show called Parallel Latitudes a collaboration between the photography departments at Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, and the School of Art, Architecture and Design in Adelaide.  There are six artists, 3 each from […]

September 19


EX MACHINA  is a Latin term meaning “from the machine” and goes back to the theatre of ancient Greece where an actor was lowered onto the stage by crane so that the drama might intensify. Imagined by artists Nicci Haynes, Brian McNamara, Stelarc, Arthur Wicks and Pia Van Gelder EX MACHINA presents some of the […]

September 19

Drip pOp

There is only a couple of photos from the opening of Drip pOp last night because the photographer was fatigued. We can assure you, however, that CCAS Manuka was packed for the opening of Mei-Lynn Wilkinson’s exhibition of paintings that are literally stuck to the walls (with adhesive backing). Each painting contains elements that look […]

September 11


CCAS is nothing if not on the money when it comes to the trends and topics of the day. We are the masters of zeitgeist. So even if it seems a bit obvious, there was no choice for the theme of the 2017 Member’s Exhibition other than Fake News. Everyone knows what we are talking […]

September 06


WELLINGTON : AN INTRODUCTION Readers might already know that the capital cities of Australia and New Zealand have become sister cities. After getting off to a cracking start with a signing in Wellington, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake centred around Kaikoura generated widespread damage throughout the city and set the developing family relationship back a […]

September 05


Its fascinating the way archaeologists painstakingly brush away layers of history so as not to damage the discovery of objects that might shed light on humanity’s distant past. Jacqui Malins, however, does exactly the opposite in her exhibition that uses archaeological practices as a metaphor for the way we, as individuals, come to understand ourselves […]

August 16


Its time to rally up some alternative facts,  fraudulent stories and outright lies, because this year’s Canberra Contemporary Art Space member’s show wants you to embrace the fake! In the flexible world of fine art anything fake is acceptable – but remember that the judges do take the theme seriously so if you want to win […]