April 22


There is a lot more to judging  visual arts awards than simply picking a winner. Its an opportunity to learn something about artists in different, often isolated, places and engage with galleries and communities outside one’s own. The Goulburn Art Award 2018 at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery was one such opportunity with 67 entries […]

April 05


Skye Jamieson is an artist who makes it look easy. It’s as if she just makes a mark on her canvases and the world is miraculously transformed into a thing of beauty. We know, however, its not easy and no doubt each piece is the result of laborious process that lies hidden under the surfaces […]

February 20


Blaze never disappoints. Unsullied by the establishment, Blaze artists are noted for their fresh, irreverent and unusual approach to art making. On Friday night five of Canberra’s newest contemporary artists kicked off CCAS’s 2018 exhibition program with diverse work across video, painting, sculpture, installation and performance. Blaze Twelve, which is as the title suggests, the […]

February 12

broken-binary-brown:the performance

The Musicians   Friday night: and Shoeb Ahmad donned her character s.i.a for a live performance of the haunting soundtrack composed for broken-binary-brown, a video installation, which has been showing alongside  At Home He’s A Tourist by Derek O’Connor and Domino Gold by Dionisia Salas. Interestingly, this work was created digitally with tracks by different musicians pieced together in Shoeb’s studio. […]

February 09


  The countdown is on to Blaze #12; CCAS’s annual exhibition of emerging ACT artists. Its almost unbelievable that Blaze has reached its 12th year (so quickly) even though that was always the plan – to produce an exhibition that would become an ongoing archive of new art practices in the Canberra. Originally called Blaze because […]

February 06

broken-binary-brown : the performance

  Please join us to this Friday at 6:30pm to celebrate Shoeb Ahmad‘s live performance of her work broken-binary-brown to mark the closing of three stellar exhibitions at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. The installation of broken-binary-brown, along with exhibitions At Home He’s A Tourist by Derek O’Connor and Domino Gold by Dionisia Salas, will close on Saturday 10th February – so come and have a drink whilst […]

January 24


Happy New Year to all our members and CCAS social pages readers. After 4 weeks CCAS is back on deck in 2018 with 3 fabulous exhibitions by Derek O’Connor, Dionisia Salas and Shoeb Ahmad. These shows opened just before Christmas and continue now until 10 February. Sounds like ages away but its not. Derek who […]