August 09


James Rowell is a mysterious and prolific artist who has been working around Canberra for some time now. He might pop up anywhere, at M16, at Belconnen Art Centre or at a local market. His current show at CCAS Manuka is undoubtedly one of the best yet as he brings together some strange takes on […]

July 26


We love it when people get together and organise a show at CCA Manuka! This is one such exhibition and its a showcase of local talent with a couple of visitors thrown in for good measure. Fast becoming a local legend if not already Gus McGrath plays in bands, volunteers at galleries (photoaccess and ccas) […]

July 18


We should be crying crocodile tears but amazingly there are very few crocodile tear gifs (and no good ones) so we have to go with dog tears … sad. So why the tears, because Sabrina is going to Melbourne where she will become Program Manager at Westspace one of our CAO (Contemporary Arts Organisations of […]

July 16


  We always new it was going to happen …. CCAS City, which opened April 16 2015 to the side of Canberra City Framing in Hobart Place has reached the end of its service. The Capitol building will be turned into “5 star hotel style luxury apartments” and City Framing has moved just down the […]

July 14


Firstly apologies that we are so late with all things social. CCAS has not had the internet for a week and thus we have been severely compromised. Only a few days left to see Amy Campbell’s lovely show at CCAS Manuka. Unstable Ground explores themes of instability, uncertainty and chaos in the form of mixed media […]

July 12


Its been fun and games getting HYPERactive together over the last two weeks with more than our fair share of heart stopping moments.  I guess the good thing about that is, its very rewarding and an incredible relief when its all up and running.  A fantastic bunch of artists, volunteers and the CCAS staff, however, […]

June 29


Hey Punters, don’t forget to head over to CCAS Manuka for Campbell Chalmers Frontman. This is a monochromatic spectacle based around hardcore music, the energy and passion of performance and creativity through this type of musical expression. These are prints and drawings that explore the mindset of hardcore audiences and the catharsis of aggressive violent music. […]