September 06


Just after 6pm last night CCAS Manuka was not only filled with framed photographs but also people – packed it was for the opening of Hilary Wardhaugh’s exhibition Memories are made of this. There was even a bit of celebrity action as Keith Potger of the legendary Aussie band The Seekers opened the show. Hilary […]

August 22


Last Friday night and the opening of Tainted Love was just a bit special, turning as you might expect, into a veritable love fest. Before, there had been a lot of enquiries about how the legendary song might be woven into the celebration. Tainted Love has been an iconic anthem for three generations of youth culture […]

July 31


The master of titles, painter James Rowell has turned his attentions to science in an exhibition that reveals his colourful impressions in comprehensive detail. “In 1987 James Rowell graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the VCA, but got sick of being told that the piece of paper represented only a bachelor of apathy. He […]

July 12


Geomancy is an exhibition of “landscapes” but it’s not what you might expect. While it can be said that landscape is one of Becky Gibson’s interests her focus is on change, invisible made visible,  and what happens within the scape itself. Becky’s Geomancy brings together seemingly disparate phenomena that together generate a sense of drama […]

June 19


Its not easy to capture the sprit of a place, to convey a sense of how you felt being there and then communicate it with a “foreign” audience – who probably have no knowledge of this place whatsoever. Nick Stranks and Isobel Rayson have done a bloody good job of sharing their experience as residents […]

June 05


The business is that of three artists who play an important role in the Canberra scene as practicing artists and educators. All three have or had significant roles in the ANU School of Art and Design (ANU SOA&D) and their influence goes way beyond what’s on the walls at CCAS, brilliant though it may be. […]

June 04


paradise almost killed me, Millan Pintos-Lopez’s new exhibition of black and white paintings on ply opened last Thursday night to an enthusiastic throng at CCAS Manuka. A master of titles and aficionado of Bauhaus he brings poetry, abstraction, design together in works of art that either defy definition or encompass all definitions. The ubiquitous hard […]

May 23


Aeode served G&T’s at the opening of here exhibition Reflections at CCAS Manuka last Thursday and that is very impressive. BUT more importantly, so is her work which animates the gallery with a vibrant and soulful focus. Aeode demonstrates some pretty amazing skills and a vivid imagination with a series of works that are essentially […]

May 03


It’s all happening at CCAS Manuka again as a new show goes up by the enigmatic Tom Campbell. An exhibition consisting of three hand sewn fabric doors with titles “failure“, “emotion” and “subjectivity“, that provide entry to the mysterious zone of The Map Shop. Question is, what and where is this map shop. The map […]

April 05


A log crashed unexpectedly through the roof of Joshua Sleeman-Taylor’s parents house one night in a storm and it has been neatly trimmed for exhibition in Incidental Damage. Perhaps with the same force, Josh’s stark yet detailed intaglio prints have a tendency to stop people in their tracks. Everyone wants to know how they are […]