June 29


Hey Punters, don’t forget to head over to CCAS Manuka for Campbell Chalmers Frontman. This is a monochromatic spectacle based around hardcore music, the energy and passion of performance and creativity through this type of musical expression. These are prints and drawings that explore the mindset of hardcore audiences and the catharsis of aggressive violent music. […]

June 02


India Zegan The tree would only be found at higher altittudes, 2015-2016, 150cm x 100cm, photograph by Felicity Jenkins; courtesy of the artist They say its better late than never – but that depends what you are talking about. Its taken a while to get India into the social pages but here a a couple of […]

June 02


 Stephanie Jones, On the streets where you live (detail), 2017, colour pencil on Stonehenge paper, 26 x 93cm Stephanie Jones is a local legend who has been involved with CCAS for many years. Traces of her stellar career are found throughout the CCAS archives. Its been a while between drinks for Steph although she was […]

May 12


If smashing up crockery is your thing you are going to love The Beak Collection: Volume One. Be warned, however, when Luke Aleksandrow does it, its short on the violence and heavy on the poetry. Luke’s “pseudo ceremonial” breakages actually address the ‘materiality and sensuality’ of the object – which in artistic terms isn’t ultimately […]

May 03


Waratah Lahy can be relied upon to produce exhibitions that are not only gorgeous but also out of the ordinary. Basically she can turn anything, any object, into art and for Three Hundred and Sixty Six, its her life or what she noted everyday of 2016. This year long drawing project focuses on what Waratah calls the […]

May 02


Me Time is the first of CCAS’s in house curatorial exercises for 2017 and its a knock out ! Perhaps not the most visual of exhibitions because its all about the internet or, to be more precise, social media. Tully Arnot, Grace K Blake, Benjamin Forster, Claudia Greathead, Anna May Kirk, Janis Lejins, Claudia Nicholson and Giselle Stanborough […]

April 21


Canberra legend Shagsy Shags has been at it again – photographing CCAS openings and of course we are SO glad she is ! There is simply nothing this woman can’t do brilliantly. Wendy Murray is down from Sydney and showing some work that has Canberra connections at CCAS City.  Chartjunk represents a portion of a larger, collaborative work under […]