March 31


Josh Owen’s Booksmart sure got everyone talking at CCAS Manuka last night. Its a large digital projection of a camera panning past encyclopaedia’s eventually reaching dizzying speeds until the image teeters on the edge of abstraction. Encyclopaedia’s and other books cover half the gallery floor with 3 electric fans at each end creating drafts that […]

March 30


Only in Canberra would you find a colourful protest that is in large part staged to support the new Minister for the Arts Gordon Ramsay. The Minister and Member for Ginninderra, Tara Cheyne, in turn showed their support yesterday afternoon by attending the protest meeting organised by newly formed Canberra Artists Action Group who have been in close […]

March 24


The title of this show is something of a declaration. Its an exhibition about nothing in particular other than 8 mates have got together and put on a show. A couple of the artists talked about it not being an easy hang since the work is quite diverse but somehow the 8 mates have pulled it off and […]

March 21


A new movement has emerged in Canberra ! The Canberra Artists Action Group consists of passionate artists from all areas (music, dance, theatre, visual, craft and writing) who want to support the new ACT Arts Minister Gordon Ramsey to achieve the best results for artists in the ACT. The Action Group does not believe that […]

March 17


The Studio Residents exhibitions are CCAS Manuka are always to be looked forward to. Without exception they are occasions when Canberra’s coolest new artists excel. And Kon Kudo’s Third Eye totally nails it. So great I don’t even know where to begin … Kon sees the mobile phone as a kind of third eye through which […]

March 15


Art Not Apart is almost upon us ! Saturday arvo in New Acton and you will be swept away by Canberra’s creative community in all its glory. Keep an eye on Shaken Up, a panel discussion on the currently much vexed issue of arts funding: we know we want it ! we know we need it […]

March 08


Shagsy Shags did the photographic honours at CCAS City last might and one has to admit that taxes have certainly not been wasted on her education ! There is nothing this woman can’t do brilliantly ! The exhibition is Digital Disruption by Mark Booth. On the surface Digital Disruption appears to have military theme, however, it is more […]