October 17


David Broker visits Artist Run Initiatives My initial interest Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) – sometimes called ‘Artist Led Initiatives’ – was because I think, speaking artistically, they are where its at. My past impressions have been somewhat romantic and I’ve discovered there are a lot of misconceptions about ARI’s being the exclusive territory of cool […]

September 24


  If there is one word to describe all three exhibitions currently showing at the Gorman Art Centre galleries it would be topical. FENCES B/ORDERS WALLS – Keep Clear Janenne Eaton, Drones Over Aleppo Kate Stevens and Black Elephant Jess Higgins all focus on disturbing situations currently happening across the world. The undeniable beauty of Janenne’s lustrous […]

September 20


If it’s possible to fall in love with electronic components then its going to happen here at John Hart’s new exhibition At Home with Ohm. I am besotted with this elegant show if watercolours in which John reveals his inner nerd. Focusing on his  fascination with electronics – specifically the electronics of household sound systems John […]

August 24


If every picture tells a story, Amy McGregor’s new exhibition Episodes is a ripping yarn. Its an exhibition that explores narratives through the provision of visual cues observed from TV crime mysteries of the 70s and 80s. I have got to say I love this show, the way each piece fires the imagination, evokes another […]

August 10


If you are hankering for an exhibition of elegant sculpture (and who isn’t) Perforation is the show you crave. Keith Bender, whose talents clearly lie in the third dimension, combines his fascination with abstraction, the play of light, negative and interactive space and the surface texture of perforated and non perforated steel in a spectacular series of […]

July 25


  Held nationally each year, NAIDOC Week 2018 will be held from Sunday 8 July through to Sunday 15 July. The theme for NAIDOC Week 2018 is ‘Because of Her, We Can!’, to honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have played and continue to play significant roles in their families and communities lives […]

July 17


At CCAS Manuka we have Naomi Taylor Royds’ The Memory Within, an exhibition focusing on household, objects in which she invests an emotional attachment. Consisting of prints, sculptures and installations this is a show that romanticises and elevates, for example, the humble wooden spoon or immortalises the utilitarian bowl in plaster. It’s a series of works […]